National Integrity Alliance

We are determined to ensure no corrupt leaders assume elective or appointive public offices .

About National Integrity Alliance

The National Integrity Alliance holds that a new spirit of active citizenship across all levels of society and government including bold direct action against the corrupt can powerfully complement the robust laws and institutions to roll back the scourge of theft of public resources. The most prudent way to realize this is by…….

National Integrity Alliance

What We Do

National Integrity Alliance
RedCard Campaign

REDCARD Campaign proceeds from the key assumption that anyone not cleared (of any, and all serious allegation and violations) is not ethically fit to run for public office.

National Integrity Alliance
Leadership & Integrity

Article 10 of the Constitution of Kenya provides for national values and principles required  during elections. These values include: good governance, integrity, transparency and accountability

National Integrity Alliance
People's Vetting commission

Vetting is a primary recourse of citizens and citizen organisations in the face of uncertain democracy practices where leadership is dictated by patronage and not qualities and records of the electoral candidates.

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